The Total Essay Writing Checklist: How to Write a Top-Notch Piece

The essay writing process checklist comprises things that should be done to develop a perfect essay. The perfect essay is one whose structure, grammar, and organization have been carefully thought of, prepared, and reviewed. TOK essays can be intellectually demanding, but this service can help you navigate the complexities The question now is, do these types of essays exist? The obvious answer to this is yes.

A subsequent question to the one asked above is: if they exist, how can they be written? In a bid to answer this question, this article will provide you with an essay checklist and a guide on how to improve your essay writing.

Checklist for writing an essay

Below are general tips which consist of the boxes you need to tick to perfect your essay:

  1. Start early

Writing an essay plan can be quite stressful. A mistake many students make is starting late. This leads to spending long, tiring nights at the library and most likely missing a deadline. Check your list by starting your essay on time. This assists you with organizing your thoughts and conducting your research on time.

  1. Select an interesting topic

The first thing people read is your title. Your title plays a major role in your essay. It is the foundation of your essay; it carries your theme, your research, and everything. When people read your title, they start to imagine the content and context of your essay. Therefore, it is necessary that you select a topic you are interested in.

  1. Do not restrict your sources

The internet offers lots of resources and research materials. These materials run into thousands and include books, audio, and videos. By leveraging the limitless number of resources available to you, you gain insight into the perspectives of others, thus helping you create your own opinion. Students are always advised to track their sources to enable proper citation.

  1. Brainstorm

Your ability to think critically of ideas, themes, and supporting evidence for your essay is an important box to tick. When it comes to brainstorming, one major secret is mind mapping. You could do this by drawing diagrams that connect your thoughts and ideas. The objective of brainstorming is to create a strong thesis statement that aligns with your title and themes.

  1. Avoid plagiarism

Remember that your credibility is dependent on the authenticity of your essays. You might wonder, how can one gather ideas from other sources without plagiarizing? The answer is quite simple. When making quotes and stating the opinions and works of others directly, you should always cite them.

  1. Draft an outline

Writing an essay structure involves drafting an outline. An outline consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Organization and concision come with drafting an outline for your essay. Your introduction should contain background information on the contents of your essay. It ought to be interesting enough to capture your reader’s attention. Your body would consist of multiple body paragraphs; however, this depends on the number of ideas you have and the word count required of you. Your conclusion should typically be a summary of your thesis and a closing sentence.

  1. Offer evidence

Each body paragraph should contain an original idea that is backed up with evidence. Providing and citing evidence to back up your ideas make your essay credible and offer your readers clarity while reducing the possibility of contradictions and confusion. Furthermore, it is necessary that you use transitional words and phrases when starting a different paragraph to maintain flow and organization.

  1. Avoid generalizations

Generalizations give your essay a sense of subjectiveness. This is something you must try to avoid at all costs. Tailor your essay to be specific rather than subjective.

  1. Seek to capture the attention

No matter how fancy your grammar might be, if your readers are not excited or interested in reading your essay, then the whole purpose of writing has been defeated. You should consider using quotes or catchy statements to begin your introduction.


There is no rigid checklist for essay writing. The list can be personalized, you could choose to include things that you find necessary to perfect your essay. However, a typical essay writing checklist revolves mainly around your research, topic, themes, authenticity, outline, supporting evidence, logic, and writing style, all of which have been highlighted in this article.