How to Write an Argumentative Essay That Stands Out

Constructing argumentative strategies in writing comes with a certain level of professionalism and authenticity. Because an argumentative essay is written to convince, it ought to be done in a manner that is persuasive, intelligent, and comprehensive.

This article will attempt to teach you how to make a strong argument and the various argumentative essay elements you ought to implement when writing an argumentative essay.

Why is argumentative writing important?

An argumentative essay is written for two major reasons. The first is to change the opinion and perspective of others; to convince them to accept a different view. The second is to persuade people to do something which requires action; this might include changing a certain habit or patronizing a certain thing.

This sort of essay can be used to evaluate certain truths and falsehoods, settle disputes, analyze claims, judge the authenticity of facts and evidence, and accurately clarify thoughts and ideas. An argumentative essay is a vital form of essay writing that does not bluntly cast aside the opinions of others but criticizes them constructively.

Argumentative essay topics

The argumentative essay format and writing style vary slightly depending on the topic and level of education. High school students are often required to write about less complicated topics, whereas college students are assigned more complex topics. The tone of each of these essays would vary by complexity; a funny argumentative essay would carry a funny tone, whereas a complex argumentative essay would carry a serious and compelling tone. Below are some topics which an argumentative essay outline example includes.

Argumentative essay topics for college

  1. Analyzing the shift in the learning format of distance education
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of combining distance education and work.
  3. How the pandemic changed the world
  4. Examining the challenges of youth Religion: The struggle for truth
  5. Patriotism in America
  6. The significance of art and culture in daily life
  7. Love is blind: Examining the facts.
  8. How possible is it to live in society and still be free from it?
  9. Has the internet changed our way of life?
  10. The cloning era: analyzing the computer age

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

  1. Should abortion be legalized?
  2. Why should animal testing be prohibited?
  3. Does the problem of fake news exist?
  4. How just is the death penalty?
  5. Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which is Best? 

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. Should the LGBT community be legalized?
  2. Gun control: Its effects and distribution
  3. How justifiable is war?
  4. Is there a relationship between computer games and mass murders?
  5. Should the sale and production of tobacco products be outlawed?
  6. Sex before marriage: Is there a morality to the concept?

Argumentative essay topics

  1. Your diving instructor kept details from you.
  2. The thoughts of a dog
  3. Reasons why the customer is never right
  4. The comparison
  5. The things men wish women knew
  6. How to Become Famous
  7. How to Get Away with a Lie 

Good argumentative essay topics

  1. Should smoking be legalized?
  2. Fiction vs Nonfiction: Which is best for kids?
  3. The attempt of the school system to stop bullying
  4. Women’s rights: bridging the gap of gender equality

Argumentative essay structure

An argumentative essay follows the same structure as that of all other essay types. It comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The first paragraph contains the introductory section, which states your thesis interestingly and intriguingly. Your points and argument are presented in the following three paragraphs; at this point, you either disprove an opinion or provide evidence to support your opinion. In your concluding paragraphs, you are expected to restate your thesis statement and end with a summary of your points and a remarkable statement.

Below are tips to implement when constructing and structuring an argumentative essay:

  • Simplicity is key

A simple yet passionately written argumentative essay is the difference between a bad essay and a great essay. Always strive for simplicity. The ability of your readers to easily comprehend your essay will make your points easily accepted.

  • Clarify your points

At some point, you may have to include assumptions in your essay. Be clear on your assumptions. Ensure that your reader understands and differentiates your assumptions from your facts. 

  • Have a strong foundation

An argument without facts is pointless. This is why you should always have the ability to back up your argument with solid facts and evidence. This guarantees your authenticity.


Writing an argumentative essay helps in the process of convincing and persuading. Since varying degrees of opinions must exist, the most suitable way to reach a compromise or a fairground is through the use of constructive argumentative writing vocabulary. The steps above will help in your writing process.

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