Tips on How to Come Up With Great Topic Ideas for Essays

Are you tired of wondering how to get writing ideas? You certainly are not alone on this. Everyone knows that getting topic ideas for essays can be a pretty challenging thing. With all the troubles that come with being a student, which mostly includes drafting and submitting reports, attending classes, organizing presentations, and many more, the least challenge a student should have to worry about is generating a topic.

Generating ideas for writing is not rocket science. There are no laid out rules or procedures to do this. However, students can gain inspiration from a variety of activities. This article will attempt to offer you information on how to generate ideas for writing

How to come up with writing ideas

The first step to developing ideas essay is to understand the assignment. The complexity of your topic is largely dependent on the essay description and requirements expected of you. To understand this better, certain questions, which include: the length, deadline, relation to personal studies, specifically cited sources, and constraints, should be evaluated.

Developing ideas essay examples can come from different sources. It could be from a movie, a concert, a favorite novel, a personal experience, an experience, a TV show, or any other thing. Below are a few techniques to implement when generating ideas in writing.

  1. Discuss with a third party

Talking it out with trusted colleagues, friends, teachers, or family members helps you generate fresh and new topic ideas. Everyone has a different perspective on a particular subject matter and being able to hear different perspectives will offer you an opportunity to choose from various topic ideas.

  1. Brainstorm

This involves writing out as many topic ideas as you can think of, whether they are ideas you generated or those gotten from friends and colleagues. The fastest technique to use for this is mind mapping. To begin, write down all ideas and draft the contents associated with each idea. After that, you can choose to connect each idea and finally decide on a perfect topic.

  1. Free write

A little bit of brainstorming but just a little less reflective, free writing is an exercise that is highly recommended to students. When you feel stuck, or when you experience writer’s block, a free writing exercise allows your brain to reboot by letting you write anything or any idea you have on the subject. Regardless of how nonsensical you think it might be, the goal is to just write. Students who have practiced this exercise are often shocked at the number of valuable thoughts they have on the subject.

  1. Conduct random research

You can never go wrong with research. Randomly researching a subject will provide you with ideas for writing your topic. You can gather ideas from the works of others, then use them to generate your own. You could either choose to analyze a particular topic or contradict it.

  1. Look inwards

Looking inwards means getting inspiration from your personal life story. Your experiences might offer you insight on an interesting topic to choose for the subject matter, especially if it is a subject you are quite familiar with.

  1. Checkout your textbooks

When it seems like you have run out of interesting topic ideas for your essay, it is advisable to go back to your textbooks. Your textbooks are full of information about your field of study, so they provide an endless supply of topic ideas for your essay.


It is commonly known that the first thing people see when they read your essay is your title/topic. A topic is the foundation of your essay; it gives your readers a sneak peek into the details of your content. It allows them to have a perspective on the subject before they read it. Therefore, you must choose an interesting topic. The above tips will assist you in generating great and interesting topic ideas for your essay.

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