Make an Authority Website with Authority Labs

Authority is now a great things that you should consider on building a website or project. An authority is mean a good website in the Google eye. Once your website become authority that will be great because everything you are writing there will be ranked good in google. To make a website become authority can be tricky, a master of SEO or search engine optimization said that you will need to write at least 5 article that name a ‘pillar post’. This article should have contain at least 2000+ words and have a set of keywords when summarized will get more than 50K search per month.

Each article should be backlinked with 20 backlink from a blog network. In order to analyze keyword that receive monthly search above 50K per month, you will need a tools. One of the great tools out there to analyze the keyword is called Authority Labs. They are having a good pricing, but if you in a lack of fund you can try authority labs group buy that will cost you smaller and also getting any other search engine optimization tools.

A group buy is great because you do not need to buy the original but can test the service at very low of price. This is a great choice for internet marketer like me that do not have enough fund to buy all of them one by one. But if you are satisfied with the authority labs, I will suggest to buy the original from the developer so you can maximize the tools for you website authority project.

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