Test Drive Wuling Cortez, Crossing the Path to Mount Bromo

PT Wuling Motors seems to want to show directly, to the national media crew including mobil123 , the excellence of its newest product Wuling Cortez. For that chosen challenging paths on the event, media drive Wuling Cortez and Whisper Sand in the area of Mount Bromo Tengger National Park, East Java which was then selected as one travel destination.

In general, Mobil123.com enjoys the performance of a combination of 1.8-liter DOHC engine, with 120 hp at 5,600 rpm and 175 Nm of torque in the range 3,600 – 4,600 rpm, plus 5-speed i-AMT (intelligent Automated Mechanical Transmission) transmission on Wuling Cortez. Along the way, the terrain of mountains, climbs and derivatives quite steep successfully passed.

From all these conditions the key you have to understand the character of the machine, moreover the workings of the i-AMT automatic transmission. Engine power distributors to these wheels, having the same mechanism as the manual but the process of gear shifting more practical, because the clutch pedal replaced by electronic actuators. also read:  www.cadillac2017.com

Maybe you also we have a feeling of skepticism with the performance of this transmission, let alone have previously felt it on other products. Because the transmission of this model has some negative effects, like for example there is a lot of lag (pause) during gear shifting and sometimes seems to lose power, it feels like the synchronous rotation of the engine with the gear displacement.Test Drive Wuling Cortez

But to be honest the doubts that immediately vanished, as well passed the route of the test drive trip this time. Mobil123.com try to maximize the 3 modes that exist in i-AMT Wuling Cortez, namely D Eco, D Sport and Manual, each somewhat have different characters and can be adjusted after the need of exploration or road conditions.

D-Eco Mode Mobil123  use at the beginning of the journey from Malang to Terrace Plataran Bromo. Inside the city, the feeling of driving is as practical as an automatic transmission vehicle in general.

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Feeling gearnya displacement is quite smooth, still the same when first try it at Circuit Sentul, West Java at the end of 2017 ago. And it feels different from the AMT transmission in general owned by other manufacturers.

Symptoms of lag do occur but are very minimal or still far below the tolerance limit. The letters “i” in the AMT prefix meaning intellegent does have enormous influence, succeeded in making gear displacement settings or Transmission Control Module (TCM), working more closely to synchronize engine rotation as well as gear.

This character is suitable for use in crowded city rides. The point is you have to hone the feeling to know the character, if the right foot is honed to be massive stroke pedal gas, then Wuling Cortez can work well.

On this occasion, Mobil123  occasionally tried D Sport mode. Can be immediately felt if the gear displacement character changes to be responsive. Round the engine feels to be aggressive, rpm needle so much faster to touch the red line.

In this mode we try to over-take the vehicle in front, by trying to depress the gas pedal. The speed that wakes up is getting faster, but the engine feels a little grunted. It feels more or less the same, such as late lifting the gas and triggered the clutch pedal to move the gear on a manual transmission. visit:  kodetelp.com

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